Why Event Apps Are Great Investments

event app

Being an event organiser would require you to find out about the latest event technologies such as the event app. This type of mobile app is one of the most in-demand products today for its sheer usability. If you are still on the fence whether you should be getting one for your next event, you can read on and find out about its top features.

1.) Event apps show important event data.

The most practical use of the event app is that it gives your attendees access to important event data. There is no more need for you to print out brochures to be distributed on the day of your event. You can simply advise your attendees to download the event app to their phones or tablets. This is actually one way to help the environment since you get to save paper. Important event data would include the entire attendee list, the floor map, the event agenda, the list of speakers, the list of sponsors, etc.

2.) Event apps offer features for attendee networking.

The use of event apps would also allow you to provide additional networking platforms for your attendees. Straight from the app, they can view the entire attendee list, view profiles, and even send messages to one another. If arranged meetings are part of your event agenda, the event app may also have a special tab that is directly integrated into a 1-2-1 meeting scheduler.

3.) Event apps increase attendee engagement.

Event apps are also known to increase attendee engagement. For example, if you are investing in an app that has a tab made especially for live polls and Q&A, attendees can simply use their mobile phones to participate in event sessions and workshops. This enforces attendee participation since following today’s trends in the events industry, one-way communication simply does not work anymore.

4.) Event apps are very easy to use.

Last but not the least, an event planning app are just so easy to use. They can be downloaded in major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. As long as your attendees have smartphones or tablets, they can just download the app from the Play Store or App Store. Most event apps can only be accessed with log-in details. Depending on the event management platform that you are using, attendees will have the option to register in your system.

5.) Event registration software

Through an event app you can register your attendees and even check in them at the moment of the event.

Those are only some of the advantages of using an event app. If you would like to find out more, a simple Google search should lead you to major providers.